Rather then putting the usual fine print below your tour options where you may miss it… we have opted to put it at the top of the page for you.

We love showing off our island even to just one person! However, we must charge a two person minimum fee if you wish to go alone. Sometimes we might be able to pair a single person with others if those persons do not mind sharing. We cannot guarantee that there will be someone to go with you without some pre-planning. So… if you’re traveling here on your own please be prepared to pay for the cost of the tour for two.

Day of Discovery Image
Day of Discovery
Day of Discovery – $75.00USD per person Drive to the outlook of our buried airport view the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic visit a sugar mill see our new town st... Read More
Modern Day Pompeii Image
Modern Day Pompeii
Tour the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO) and capture breathtaking views of our volcano. You will also venture through the Belham Valley, which has filled with over 25+ feet of volcanic debris since the beginning of the eruptions fro... Read More
Antigua to Montserrat Day Adventure Image
Antigua to Montserrat Day Adventure
Arrive in Montserrat 10:30am off the ferry and begin your adventure. Upon landing in our new town at port Little Bay you will head towards the south of the island. Visit Hill Top visitor centre, The National Trust, The Montserrat ... Read More
Shore Excursion Image
Shore Excursion
The tour is the best of our Day of Discovery with the Plymouth Excursion. It is designed for our guest off a cruise in port at Little Bay, Montserrat. Sun your guide will pick you up at the port at 9... Read More
Plymouth Excursion (add on) Image
Plymouth Excursion (add on)
In addition to the island tour you select you now have the opportunity to add on Plymouth Excursion for your entire party on the day of your tour. This is a unique opportunity that allows you to walk on top of a portion of our quaint h... Read More
Beach Excursion (add-on) Image
Beach Excursion (add-on)
Pick one of Montserrat’s secluded beaches to enjoy a swim, soak in the vitamin D, or take some time to meditate in mother nature. You will have several options to suit your desires with a beach experience. You can enjoy a beach ... Read More