Our Volcano

Soufrière Hills Volcano is an active volcano on the island of Montserrat.

The volcanic eruption started in the summer of 1995 and continues today. There have been no recent events but the volcano is heavily monitored with scientist from around the word at the MVO (Montserrat Volcanic Observatory).

Many times when there is a volcanic event there are precursor indications that this is going to occur with gas levels increasing(or sometimes decreasing) and various seismic activity. However occasionally there have been events that began without any warning, and this can be the danger when visiting Plymouth (Zone V) of our exclusion Zone.

Our government officials are taking every measure to make it safe as possible to visit our buried city, however this does not remove all risk. We do have constant communication with staff who are working full time at the MVO, an emergency escape route, and certified guide that has been trained the best ways to react in the event of an emergency or a volcanic event.

Every year we have scientist from around the world convene to access the ongoing eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano. This team analyzes the data to give a detailed report of the possible outcomes of our volcano. These reports are open to the public and if you are interested  you can view the latest report here.