Sun will escort you everywhere you would like to go along with sharing his passion for his island home. After being involved in the making and filming of the Price of Paradise video productions along with monitoring the seismicity at the MVO he will share his immense knowledge of andesite volcanoes, give you the facts on the events of our Soufriere Hills Volcano, and share many heartfelt stories of living here and experiencing it all.

Behold Breath taking views of an active volcano, enjoy the tranquility of our unique black sand beaches, snorkel and/or dive our reefs, take a hike in our rain forest… All our tours our exclusive and times are arranged for what best suits you
and those traveling with you.

Come and experience Montserrat!

You may ask yourself, why should you book with us? 

  • You are receiving a unique experience catered to you and those in your group. Our tours are all private. You are not told the same story and herded like cattle place to place.
  • You will have a passionate guide who wants to share his love of Montserrat with you. He does not want to just make a few extra dollars he wants to give you an experience that you will take with you for the rest of your life.
  • Sun, your guide, has lived here for nearly 40 years! He saw Montserrat and Plymouth long before the volcano put us on the map.  This makes him more unique then most guides on island as he is not repeating stuff he has heard, he is sharing stuff he lived.
  • Finally, if you are looking to step into the heart of the buried city of Plymouth, Sun is approved by the three authoritative entities that allow permits for access to Zone V.


Come and experience Montserrat!